Monday, March 23, 2009

let them eat cake

{what does this have to do with anything? read on my friends, links and all.}

i was guest poster over at segullah on friday, something i have been dreaming of doing for some time now. so, one moral of this story is that dreams really do come true.

for the other morals of this story, i guess you'll just have to read the post for yourself.


Katie said...

I stalk your blog (I'm Lacey Hales' sister) and always find it enjoyable- But I found that article to be so incredible that I had to leave a comment! It was thought provoking, funny, and very well done!

I will personally award you with a cookie, slice of cake or even a commemorative wooden craft if you would like in honor of your chastity! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Nathan Mathews pointed me at this post. You write well with a deft touch on a sensitive subject. Waiting is certainly worthwhile. Sex with someone other than a spouse would be a pale imitation of the way the Lord intended it.

By the promises of cake you garnered in the comments, you will have gained 20 pounds next time I see you.

Heather said...

I loved it, Frances. Loved it.

Kate said...

Is this a new variation of Frances Cake? This could be your million dollar idea, Frances! Purity ball? No. . . Celibacy Cake!

Naomi said...

It was good to see you the other night at the library.

And I'm actually quite pleased that there is now a single woman's voice on Segullah. I love that blog (and magazine), but have often lamented that it is so slanted towards mommies.

Lacey said...

Love it! That's all I've got. Supremely wonderful article. Des.