Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the one where we saw what there was to see, some of which was under renovation and some of which was on fire

if there was something to see in austin, i am pretty sure we saw it.

though we did run into a few snags.

the johnson presidential library, for example, was under "extensive renovation." but, the replica of the oval office was still open. not to mention that the library itself is free. so, that was good enough for us.

and the lady bird johnson wildflower center was on fire! sort of. when we pulled up there was a sign blocking the entrance that said the center was closed for a "private event." but really it was closed because there had been a prairie fire an hour or so earlier. luckily, a nice man on a golf cart named damon told us we could go inside, as long as we stayed on the paved path. the flowers were lovely.

we also shopped along south congress.

toured the state capitol and marveled and it's many, many lone stars.

saw a guttenberg bible (so. cool.) and an exhibit of cowboy art at the university of texas austin.

ate a piece of chocolate at the first ever whole foods.

soaked (and shivered) in barton springs.

and climbed mount bonnell, the highest point in austin, which clocks in at a whopping 775 feet. when you "climb mount bonnell," you actually climb a staircase. but, the view is lovely nonetheless. and the plaque at the base of the "mount" mentions mormoms. win!

thanks texas (and madelyn and cody!) for a grand ol' time. see y'all soon.

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SRA said...

Love the guy named Bigfoot and the lost love. And the fact that the Mormons "moved on west". Text written in classic Texas style.