Friday, June 15, 2012

good things come in threes

here are three new things i have been doing lately.

1. taking piano lessons. my cousin emily is teaching me, and it is a blast. except when it is totally frustrating. (for me.) emily had only ever taught kids before and she was a little worried that i (being an adult) might be too advanced, but i quickly disabused her of that notion. i am making (painfully) slow (alleged) progress.

2. taking tennis lessons. sort of. AWD is teaching me. and it is actually a lot more fun than i thought it would be. because i was assuming i would not be able to a) hit the ball or b) get it over the net even if i did manage to hit it. but it turns out i can do both those things with some degree of consistency. plus i have a pink racket. i was a little mortified when we showed up for our first lesson/match and there were a bunch of people from church at the same park playing kickball, but we went to the court that was farthest (furthest? dad, can you help me here?) away and no one seemed to notice.

3. doing the insanity workout. it's a little nuts. AWD calls them my "going mad DVDs." i can actually only make it through half of every workout at one time because, well, they're in-sane. but, even making it through half the DVD feels like a major accomplishment. and i like major accomplishments. people swear by the results of this workout, and i am interested to see what sort of difference it makes for me and my fitness and my rear end. so far all i have to show for it are really sore muscles.

what have you been up to lately?


SRA said...

Roommate and I went to see "The Sound of Music" at Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley last night. Awesome. We're going to the new Farr's ice cream cafe and to the fountain water & fire show at City Creek tonight. Tomorrow is a new Mexican restaurant in Midway (came highly recommended) and then working a volunteer shift for the Ragnar Relay in Heber City. Woo hoo.

Mom said...

If you have sore muscles, you must be doing something right!

Abby said...

I just purchased office furniture from IKEA and Jonathan and I put it up this weekend. It will be the perfect therapy room. My first client comes on Tuesday morning so it has to be finished. I am so excited to have a professional and welcoming space.

P.S. Jonathan took a permanent position at the Cleveland Clinic. He is working in surgical operations and is thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Dear Francis,
I've tried to comment on your blog before and could not make it work. I always read your blog and enjoy it very much. I especially liked your last because it made me cry. I think your dad is pretty awesome myself. much love, aunt wenda lee