Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i made a pie.

our friends e&e had us over for a back deck barbecue the other night, and i decided to make this pie from caroline's bake shop.

except mine didn't come out looking like this:

it came out like a big soupy chocolatey mess. probably because instead of making it the day before, like i knew i should, i made it the day of, which meant there was nowhere close to enough cooling and setting time. and i think i filled too much of the shell with meringue, so everything overflowed.

but, no one complained about it's less-than-solid state and it got pretty well gobbled up, as evidenced by this:

though the well-set leftovers definitely tasted a little better.

so, in short, it's a delicious recipe and if you are the kind of person who plans ahead and has a good sense of proportions, you should try it.

you're welcome.

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