Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the hills are alive

on saturday we went up to the AFI silver and watched "the sound of music" on the big screen.

it was a singularly perfect event (EH very rightly stated it was basically the best thing that has ever happened) and i realized for this first time how hilarious baroness schraeder is. like this exchange:

the baroness (to maria): my dear, is there anything you can't do?
maria: i'm not sure i'll make a very good nun.
the baroness (with her hand protectively on the captain's elbow: well, if there's anything i can do to help...

that's funny stuff.

and, of course, the singing and the dancing and christopher plummer were all dreamy and the whole thing made me wish i had a guitar and a pixie haircut. but, i'm also not in love with a nazi, thank goodness. so, there's that.

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steve said...

The Sound of Music remains as one of my favorite films of all times. And that may sound surprising coming from a film snob. I remember last year walking through a room with a TV - my eyes caught Sound of Music in HD for the first time. It stopped me in my tracks. We grew up on the fuzzy VHS version of the thing - but now, on PBS with fully vibrant color and clear audio. I quite literally was moved to tears. I love it.

call me a sap if you must. I've got a soft spot for the SOM