Tuesday, November 8, 2011

obsession session

basically i am obsessed with the following things:

1. the kim kardashian divorce. i simply cannot get enough. i am reading everything i can find, mostly because i still can't even understand how the whole thing happened. and now i learn that she flew to minnesota to meet with poor kris humphries and the pastor who married them so everyone could get some "closure." i am more confused than ever. the good news is, AWD and i only have to stay married until november 22nd to beat their record. i totally think we can do it.

2. herman cain. it just keeps getting better. or worse. i can't decide which. depends on your outlook, i suppose. i am enjoying watching him squirm, but i feel like he should be squirming more and i'm disturbed out how little he and other people seem to be worried about these allegations. do people not take sexual harassment seriously anymore? (this very well-written article seems to think they don't. i am starting to agree.)

3. advent calendars. i really want to make an advent calendar this year. i have been trolling the internet looking for ideas. i want it to look good but not be too hard but be nice enough to be able to use it year after year. and it needs to be done by december 1st. i am leaning towards some version of this one. we'll see.

4. menu planning. in addition to the failed goal (my fault) of commuting to work together, AWD and i also made a goal to cook our meals at home as much as possible and to take our lunches to work. we're doing pretty well and it's actually really fun. i like pulling out our big stack of cookbooks every saturday or sunday and making a plan for the week ahead. and we've made some really delicious things. (remember the homemade corn dogs?) tonight is turkey chili and corn bread muffins. yum.

5. the lost city of z. i am currently reading this book all about percy fawcett a british explorer who disappeared in the amazon in the early 1900s and all the other explorers who have ventured in after him to try and figure out what happened. from what i can tell, not all of them made it out either. such an interesting read. i would read it all day every day if i could. but i can't.

6. furniture browsing. we are slowly but surely putting together out little nest, and for the first time in my life pretty much i am paying attention to furniture. one of the lovely things about marriage is a sense of permanence about these kinds of things. i know i am not going to buy something i really love and then have to get rid of it or put it in storage because i moved in with roommates who already had one of those. it's a nice feeling.

and that's pretty much what's taking up my time these days.

how about you, my babies?


Abby said...

I have been obsessed with meal planning as well. I just caved and joined 'The Fresh 20.' It's a web-based company that sends a weeks menu with a shopping list every Friday. They use all fresh ingredients and shoot to have a budget of $75 a week. I just did it the first time today and spent $36.00 since I already had some at home. I hate planning meals. I watching food go to waste in my fridge due to poor planning...it is only $5.00 a month and totally worth it to a working mother of 3. (Yes, that includes my 30 year old)

I will let you know how it goes.

Mom said...

Another book along that line is "Lost in Shangri-La." It's about a WWII plane crash in Dutch New Guinea and what happened to the survivors. I recommend it!

sarah said...

The Herman Cain thing is driving me crazy. I don't care if the allegtions are false (and well, given the number of them and the payoffs, looks like that's not much of a possibility) but the fact that he is either being so cavalier and laughing it off or rude screaming NO! to questions tells me that he doesnt take it seriously. I do not pretend that it would be fun to undergo all the scrutiny...but, hello! presidential candidate, you have to be able to take it and field questions. I don't pretend that being sexually harassed and then making it public and then being torn apart for it would be comfortable either.

Evan and Holly said...

I'm obsessed with Kyle's surgery, getting my house in order, trying to structure my boys' time better and engage them in more activities, how to bake gluten free, meal planning for a corn, gluten, dairy, egg, nut, soy, fish, and shellfish free diet come January, and pinterest. Mostly pinterest. :)

heidikins said...

This comment is really delayed, but I just finished The Lost City of Z and absolutely LOVED it. I may or may not have ordered 2 or 3 more books on the same topic. (Ok, no "maybe" about it, I totally did.) Thanks for the recommendation!