Monday, November 21, 2011

the 72-day itch

i am pleased to report that, as of today, AWD and i are tied with kim kardashian and kris humphries for length of marriage. i have a good feeling about this one.

to celebrate our momentous 72-day achievement, we had dinner at costco and dessert at the dairy godmother (flavor of the day: pecan pie), which some of you might remember was also the site of our first date. it seemed appropriate. perhaps if kim and kris had done something similar, their wedded bliss might have lasted a bit longer.

as for us, i think we'll keep going for another 72 days at least.

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Evan and Holly said...

At least, right! I think Evan and I will continue for another 72 as well :) I totally thought of you with another Twilight premiere. Did you go? Was it good? Did you love it? Miss you.