Tuesday, November 23, 2010

three strikes, that's a turkey

last night EH and i went to the grocery to get everything we need for thanksgiving dinner. this was a lot of things, but we pretty much found them all, so you just rest your pretty little heads about that.

when we went to check out, we decided to just sort of divide the goods up so what she payed and what i payed were roughly even. and get this. we got it within $2.

two dollars!

(i want my two dollars!)

if that is not a thanksgiving miracle, then i guess i don't believe in thanksgiving miracles at all.

add to that the fact that i saved $16 (sixteen dollars!) using my "very important customer" card, which represents more than half of my savings using said card for this whole year (the WHOLE year), and i think we can all agree that it was a highly productive trip to the grocery.

then today i went to the library and checked out every "friends" DVD they had so we can watch all the thanksgiving episodes. it is going to be epic. and hilarious. but don't be jeal. i bet your thanksgiving is going to be awesome, too.


Anonymous said...

And for those cinema wonks out there, (a) find the movie quote in this posting and (b) name the movie from which it comes.

Natalie said...

best thanksgiving episode ... the one with the rumor (season 8, with brad pitt). enjoy it for me.

Anonymous said...


better off dead

I want my two dollars.

try harder next time.

Popster said...

So, I need to know who anonymous no. 2 is. I am Frances' father. And who might you be? BTW, I only can work with the material at hand.