Friday, November 12, 2010

eleventh hour

my veterans day started off with a donut for breakfast, so it was pretty much destined to be great from the start. not like a thursday with no work can really be bad, but if it could be bad i have every confidence that a donut for breakfast could make it better.

we have been having the most gorgeous fall weather here lately: warm and colorful with blue skies and the sun up early in the morning (to all you daylight savings haters, i say hush. i am loving it) and yesterday was basically perfect in all four of those departments. after some errand-running in the morning, AWD and i spent the afternoon holding hands and strolling around arlington cemetery. which was even better than a donut. we saw the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknowns, and just missed joe biden leaving after the wreath-laying ceremony, but we felt OK about that. if it had been george clooney laying the wreath and we had missed it, that would have been a different story.

arlington cemetery is a 100 percent lovely place, and i don't know why i hadn't been since i moved here. most of my pictures are still being held captive on film inside the holga, but here are a few digitals. though they don't really do anything in them justice.

dana and i rounded out the day with the weepies at the state theater.

let's talk about the weepies. i really like them. they sounded super different live, though not in a bad way and they told cute stories and kissed each other at the end (cus husband and wife) and i pretty much loved all of it. remember when i never used to go to concerts? what was i thinking?

plus we parked the car in a sort of sketchy spot and didn't get towed, plus i didn't run out of gas even though my light had been on for a while, plus dana made the last train back to the city. veterans day miracles all around.

this evening i am fleeing south to watch heather and nathan's kids while they run the richmond half-marathon (they are amazing) and then i think i'll curl up in a sunny spot and read and sleep for the rest of the weekend.

i hope you get to do the same.

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