Monday, November 8, 2010

p.s. i'm back

to quote my dear old dad, the blog is a little "stale." so, let's freshen things up, shall we?

first i guess i should mention that halloween happened. as a well-documented halloween hater, it should come as no surprise that i did not dress up or attend any halloween-related parties. i did put some spiders on my front door, eat my mom's homemade halloween sugar cookies and hand out candy to adorable children who came knocking on my door. after ensuring that none of them had a peanut allergy, naturally.

lest you think that i didn't have any fun on halloween weekend, let me put your minds to rest and tell you that i did attend a little rally here in d.c., hosted by one jon stewart and one stephen colbert. though honestly it could have been hosted by the muppets for all i could see and hear. it was basically a perfect day to be outside, though, so any excuse to take advantage of it was a good one. plus i got to see lots of funny signs (my favorite: is this the line for justin bieber tickets?) and hang out with these kids, who came down from new york to see the show.

speaking of new york, remember how EH and i went there over columbus day weekend? that was a good time. really, i think my trips to new york are only getting better and better and this was definitely one of the best. we saw a taping of "wait, wait, don't tell me!" at carnegie hall, had the most delicious late night waffles from the waffle truck in the west village, ate delicious brunch, walked across the brooklyn bridge, hit up the brooklyn flea market, ate delicious pie and exotic fresh and hand-made popsicles, watched some "felicity" (so apropos) and ate cupcakes, went to the top of rockefeller center (it's called top of the rock. so catchy!) and spent the morning in the cooper hewitt design museum. plus, dinner with my favorite woolleys, a stroll on the upper east side with the always hilarious ryan ham(ilton) and a chance meeting with my girl miaken, who happened to be in town as well.

whew. we really crammed in a lot. it was fun for me to relive that. how about you?

back on the homefront, it is pretty much business as usual. the usual being home improvement projects and pumpkin waffles and spricket assassination. i also finally started using the holga. i am not sure if i loaded the film properly, so it may or may not be taking actual pictures every time i click the button, but the mystery is part of the fun, right? i'll let you know how it goes.

and i think that's it from me. unless there's something you'd like to talk about?


Kate said...

First of all, I love your hair! Second, so jealous that you saw "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" Third, welcome back.

Jill N said...

Oh man! You were in New York? Let me know next time--I live right by the BK bridge and it'd be great to see you! :)