Wednesday, November 17, 2010

reunion sweet

some time last week i got an e-mail from ABK that said, "a proposal: dinner. my house. 11/15. special guests will be in attendance. you won't want to miss it."

i e-mailed back and asked if i should wear a prom dress. he said casual dress was fine.

then that night i had a dream that when i showed up at ABK's house on the appointed day, the cast of "glee" was there to serenade us while we dined. it was delightful.

i e-mailed ABK about my dream and asked if i was on the right track. he said i should have gone into intelligence.

and then the appointed day arrived and the surprise was so much better than anything i could ever have imagined. because there at dinner were kathryn and matt, two friends from the fellowship ABK and i did together who i had not seen in seven years. seven years! and wouldn't you know but they both live here in d.c. as well. and so we were reunited over catfish with pecan muniere and oyster baked stuffing and i loved every minute.

the longer i live my life the more amazed i become at the fact that there are so few things that are ever just over and done never to be seen or heard from again. i used to think that each chapter of our life had a firm beginning and a definitive end and then that was over and on we went to the next adventure. which is true in some sense, i suppose, but i feel like my life and my experiences and my relationships keep overlapping each other in a way that is so comforting and familiar and makes me want to be a good and kind person all the time, because most things don't just get tied off and forgotten.

and thank goodness for that.

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Charla said...

love it! This summer alone, I reunited and had dinner with two friends who I had not seen since BU (which for me was over 9 years ago). It is so cool how life experiences never end and just continue and you can pick up with others right where you left off.