Thursday, February 25, 2010

i like them apples

there is an important new member of my gadget family, and i feel i have been most remiss in introducing her properly. a situation i intend to remedy right now.

i am speaking, of course, of my new iphone.

her name is isadora, though you may call her izzie for short.

as a fearful late adopter of technology, making the switch to an iphone was not something i took lightly. but now that i have finally taken the plunge, i have to say that my life is approximately 250 times better. and i have only scratched the surface of what isadora can do.

for one thing, i feel more awesome now that i have isadora, even if she's just sitting on my nightstand. just knowing she's there automatically increases my cool person cred. in my own mind, at least.

also, my whole cell-phone-owning life i have despised text messaging. truly. i was slow and always misspelling things and it made me so cranky every time. but now, i could text all day long! i am super fast with my pointer finger and that little touch screen (five times faster than before, according to jaron) and i love the zooming noise my messages make when they are sent. zoom! and off they go!

but most importantly, isadora has just made my life a whole lot easier. i have all the information i could ever want right there at my (pointer) finger tips. i don't get lost anymore, i don't have to come home to my computer to look things up. restaurants, directions, addresses, phone numbers, movie times. even the scriptures. all in the palm of my hand. we are a totally self-sustaining unit, isadora and i.

i mean sure, she has her flaws. her battery life leaves something to be desired, and she seems to get bad reception inside the casa de bennett and keeps hanging up on my mom. but isadora has really given me a new bar for true love. when i love a man as much as i love her, i'll know it's the real deal.

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David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

There's a girl in my ward named Isadora Isadara. I call her Isla Dora, meaning Island Dora.