Monday, February 1, 2010

hoodies are for kids

i threw my favorite hoodie on over my dress just now to sneak downstairs and grab a piece of pizza while aunt joyce was teaching her group flute lesson. i like to slip into the kitchen while the kids are busy fluting away, and then head back upstairs to my attic kingdom before anyone knows i was there.

but tonight my timing was a little off, and i was still polishing off a piece of lovely cheese pizza (just for me) (can you name that movie?) when the lesson ended and the kids came flooding into the kitchen for seconds.

no matter. i finished my dinner and made my departure as inconspicuously as possible. except that, as i passed a small cluster of tween girls sitting on the stairs, one of them said to the others, "my sister has that hoodie. only she's 17."

and it hit me. maybe i'm too old to be buying clothes in the kids' section of target?

say it ain't so.


Evan and Holly said...

I have some onesies of Kyle's that you are welcome to. :)

Kids section--when did I shop there last?

erin j bailey said...

Home Alone. Keep the change ya filthy animal.

I often wonder if my clothes are a little too "kid's section" for someone of my age. But, then I remember that I got them for free from my younger sisters and free equals totally wearable at my age.

Popster said...

I was going to note "Home Alone," but I see Erin beat me to the punch.

Is the "Attic Kingdom" like the Middle Kingdom?


steve said...

I would smack some manners right across that tween's mouth.

stinkin' brat.