Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i have recently decided to suck it up and embrace the fact that i am a yuppie.

as much as i have longed, at different stages in my life, to be a hipster or a hippie or a small-town dweller/lover or an athlete or a power-broker or an earth mother or a charming eccentric, the fact of the matter is that i like cities better and i prefer to have a job and i look awful in skinny jeans and i am going to shop at anthropologie and williams-sonoma and i am going to care about celebrity gossip and i own a car and that's that.

i am a yuppie.

which also means that i am going to listen to npr and totally and completely geek out when emily h. invites todd and me to see the one, the only, the legendary carl kasell. live and in person.

he was just as charming and hilarious as he is on the radio, plus a dapper suit, a slight north carolina twang and a magic trick. (really. he did magic.)

carl talked about where he was when he heard that john f. kennedy had been assasinated, what it was like to cover the challenger explosion, and why radio will keep going strong for years and years to come. he talked about his early days as a country music deejay, how he landed the gig at "wait, wait don't tell me" and his biggest on-air faux pas.

he was smooth and gracious and unflappable and laughed at his own jokes. which i love.

the best story of the night was one about an episode of "wait, wait don't tell me" that included a quote from president reagan, likening the passage of a difficult piece of legislation to "crapping a pineapple." needless to say, most of the subsequent jokes ended up on the cutting room floor. as they say.

all in all, a truly fabulously wonderfully delightful evening.

maybe being a yuppie isn't so bad.


Popster said...

And you still can be a charming eccentric. Carl Kassel. I am envious. I think that is way cooler than the Prez.

Joel said...

I am jealous.

Ninny Beth said...

oh it could only have been better if paula poundstone was there too! love that show.