Sunday, February 14, 2010

heart to hearts

i have never been one to honor a strict observance of valentine's day, but the other day i was reading emily the cliff's blog and she had a link to her friend megan's blog, and megan was doing this "14 days of valentine's" thing where she asked 14 people to make a list of 14 things they loved, and while i am a little late to that party i figured the least i could do would be to make a list of 14 things i love, because valentine's day aside i certainly believe in love and think it deserves to be celebrated.

(i realize that whole paragraph was one, big, run-on sentence, so take a minute to catch your breath.)


here we go.

1. eating food cooked by someone else

2. laughing so hard i can't stop; also suddenly bursting into laughter about something that happened a long time ago; also reading or watching something that makes me laugh out loud on the train or a plane or sitting in my cubicle or when i am by myself. so, pretty much laughing

3. unexpectedly running into people i like when i am out and about around town

4. brunch

5. sending and receiving mail

6. my house filled with people having a good time

7. falling asleep in other people's beds

8. fresh flowers, especially when they are given to me

9. farmer's markets

10. james bond movies, the jason bourne movies and pretty much any other movie in the action/heist/spy variety no matter how dumb it is as long as it is not too violent

11. when i remember people's birthdays. of, of course, when people remember mine

12. my bike and riding it just about anywhere

13. writing, writing, writing

14. that moment when a new place feels like home for the first time

and you, of course. much love to all of you.

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Ems said...

oh I love this list! I absolutely agree with eating food cooked by someone else...such a treat.