Tuesday, October 27, 2009

love and marriage

i have not always had the best attitude about weddings (see: the summer wedding hiatus of 2007), but i would like to say this.

few things give me more joy than seeing my friends find spouses who love and appreciate them as much as i love and appreciate them, and as much as i know they deserve to be loved and appreciated.

there is nothing quite so wonderful as seeing someone who has meant so much in my life find someone worthwhile with whom to share the rest of their own life.

and seeing their successes and well-fitting matches gives me hope for my own someday.

such was the case this weekend with the bendheim/orvin union. never before have i seen a more calm or satisfied bride. it was such a pleasure to celebrate such a thing. so much so that the rest of the weekend was really just icing on the (wedding) cake.

we brunched.

saw the coast. (and jane's adorable pregnant belly!)




ate post-ceremony fish tacos.



caught the bouquet.

ate wedding cake. (which julie and i rather embarassingly had to beg for, having somehow missed the first cake hand-out. and yes, the begging was totally worth it.)

tossed feathers.

and rejoiced a little bit more.


Evan and Holly said...

Frances I am beginning to think that you either need to have a food blog, unless this one always was intended to be a food blog. Or you need to become a food writer.... :) Just some "food" for thought! P.S. You always make me extraordinarily hungry.

Julie said...

mmmm...that chocolate cake was goood. we should've asked for more! they definitely could've spared it! ;)