Tuesday, October 20, 2009


remember how the other day i was lamenting the fact that uncle bob gets so much more mail than me? well, no one gave uncle bob a surprise gift subscription to OK! weekly magazine (thanks, sallee!), so i think i am winning now.

some tidbits from this week's issue:

rhianna has finally stopped calling her ex, chris brown, which we know because she stepped out all over paris in "fierce" outfits. a sure sign, obvs.

"twilight" stars robert pattinson and kristen stewart have set up house together in vancouver and are "far too much in love right now to go anywhere without each other." i do not believe this for a second.

also, suri cruise has loved being in boston while her dad, tom cruise (natch) filmed a movie there. seems totally plausible.

and to think, i have a whole year of these gems coming my way.

happy sigh.

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Evan and Holly said...

So jealous. Evan buys those for me whenever I have to be in the hospital or have surgery or a baby. I love going to the doctor and try to arrive early so that I can read those types of magazine. Love it. But don't tell, it's my dirty secret...