Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eat your heart out

the other day my dad made the observation that it seems like pretty much all i do since i moved to d.c. is eat. which is a fairly accurate assessment. especially since it is what i spent basically all of saturday doing.

it was the taste of georgetown festival, you see, wherein delicious restaurants from all over the city set up tents on wisconsin avenue and serve little sampler tastes of some of their most popular dishes, and you just walk around and trade tickets for little pieces of heaven in the form of clam chowder and lobster rolls and paella and ribs and chocolate tarts, or whatever else strikes your gastronomic fancy.

and, as if it could get any better than that, uncle john was in town so i had a partner in gorging. (that stack of plates only represents part of our consumption.)

but, never fear! that wasn't the end of my daily caloric intake (though it probably should have been) because later that night i met up with out-of-towners becky and marina for dinner in dupont circle. (seriously, i wish there were gay rights marches in washington every day. they bring all my favorite people to town.)

and then i had to roll myself back to the metro.

i would say maybe this is perfect preparation for a side career as a competitive eater, but i don't think i could pour a bunch of water on hot dog buns and mash them up into a ball and then stuff them in my face.

a cake, maybe. but hot dog buns? that's just gross.


Derek said...

It was so funny seeing you and your Uncle at the taste of Georgetown festival. What a strange coincidence!

Popster said...

"delicious restaurants"? Frances. I never have eaten a restaurant, though I have eaten AT at restaurant.