Thursday, December 18, 2008

hot fuss

check it out.

sallee and i just got an e-mail (ok, sallee got it and forwarded it to me) that the killers' record label is doing a little documentary about the making of the music video we worked on, and we are in a couple shots! fame and fortune here we come!

lest you brush this off as something less than the biggest deal in the WHOLE WORLD, let me tell you that i just had to fax in a release form to none other than island def jam records (IDJ to me), giving them permission to use my likeness in the project. welcome to the big time.

i must admit, there was a very brief e-consideration of a boycott, given the whole internet censorship debacle. come to think of it, if we had tried harder maybe we could have shut the whole operation down until the band agreed to submit to our demands of even a small amount of making out. with us. but, sallee and i decided to take the high road. plus i still have the bassist's pick, and that, my friends, is what we call leverage.

(also, still waiting to hear from you, mr. flowers!)

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