Monday, December 15, 2008

under where?

carolynn is getting married, which means, of course, that we all got together to bestow sexy underwear on the bride-to-be. my house became the bridal bungalow, and stephani did an awesome job with the food. and we all shunned lame shower games, so right there we knew it would be a successful event. (a sidenote: seriously, what is with shower games? is there anyone who really thinks it's fun to wrap someone else up in a roll of toilet paper and pretend it's a wedding dress? anyone? i didn't think so.)

for the second lingerie shower in a row i found something lovely at smith's marketplace, so i don't think i'll go anywhere else from now on. why should i, when i can get unmentionables and groceries at the same place?

one new twist on an old favorite was marc coming home with the festivities in full swing and almost stumbling into the middle of the whole thing. luckily he had retreated to his secret hiding place behind the kitchen counter (where he could hear but not be seen) by the time carolynn opened this.

happy wedding, indeed.

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