Monday, December 22, 2008

bite me

{sallee and joan, waiting for the vampire fun to begin}

i tried. i really did.

i heard the whisperings, the talk. a vampire romance? i thought. no way.

no way.

i avoided. i mocked.

then i started reading and i could.not.stop.

it's not because it was good. and i was fully aware of how ridiculous i sounded talking about hybrid human-vampire babies. i mean, believe me, i never expected to say things like, "the good news is, they were shape shifters and not real werewolves all along, so they don't have to be mortal enemies with the vampires after all."

and yet.


if only it had ended with the books, right? if only. but instead, i went to see the movie on saturday with sallee and joan. it was the second time i had seen it. that's right. number two. and i am not making any promises about stopping there.

because here is the thing.

i like it. i like the vampire romance.

there. i said it.

sure, it's not good, but i like it just the same. i like the mystery. i like the (slightly poorly executed) suspense. i like the misfit, misplaced heroine finding her place. i like the passionate forbidden love. i like it! i like it! (i especially like robert pattison's broody film vampire. those eyes! that hair! that lipstick! immortality has never looked so good.)

so when joan leaned over half way through the movie and said, "well, this is an excellent film and i will be buying it," it was like she had read my mind.


Stephen said...

I couldn't sum up my own feelings on the subject any better. When I got home from the movie the first thing I told my husband was that I'd be buying it the day it was released. He thinks it's still up for debate, but he is so wrong.

Lacey said...

And what is especially funny is that I just posted that comment as my husband, and not as myself. Oops.

Marilee said...

Welcome to the club! I, too, resisted for a time until Peter gave me the first book as a Christmas gift on his sister's recommendation. I thought "Shoot. Now I have to read it." I finished it in a day and drove out in a blizzard to pick up the second one from Borders. I went to the midnight showing and loved it. It's just fun!

Natalie said...

agreed! I avoided and mocked for a long time ... but couldn't put them down!

Johnna said...

bite me. That's perfect. That's what I'm going to say to the next literati opining how the books aren't good. I'd like more not-good books to read that could.not.stop when I read them.

They really did a good job on the movie, I think. Well thought out, nice details. I've seen it in the theater three times--even once I went to the first matinee by myself, while my kids were in school.

I'm not so hopeful about the movie sequel. The production schedule is too short.