Tuesday, November 18, 2008


anna and i decided to have a party.

we thought a pie party sounded pretty good. but a soup party sounded good, too. and then we thought, why not have a soup and pie party? we make the soup, you bring the pie and everyone's wildest dreams come true. turns out we were right.

i made cheesy-vegetable soup (anything that calls for whole sticks of butter is delicious, is what i always say), anna made lemon-chicken-basil and french onion soups, and bri rounded it out with barley stew. ck made some wasail. our stove top was full.

and then there were the pies.

chuck brought this kind of pie.

and chad brought this kind of pie.

and there were these pies, too.

athelia helped cut the pies.

everyone ate a lot of pie.

elijah worked the crowd and played with the refrigerator magnets, and baby kyle slept through the whole thing.

some people talked very seriously.

caleb and i had a camera war. (his new camera might have a touch screen, but mine was still faster on the draw.)

there were so many good friends.

my house looked like this.

and i felt so much love.

it was my wildest dreams. and more.


Cindy Bean said...

Why did I have to go to Texas? This looks like so much fun! I can practically smell the good food through the internet.

Miko said...

How come I always seem to miss the fun stuff like this?

Lacey said...

Looks so yummy! That's my kind of party. :)

So I notice Annette there in one of your pictures... how does one get a hold of her these days?

Anonymous said...

So, is a soup and pie gathering really a spie gathering? And if so, who is the spook and who is the mark?

Susan said...

that photo with bri and her pie is priceless.

M said...

'Twas a success indeed. Great photos. Great friends. Turns out we know some of the same great people! Lucky us. (Luckier them.)
- Martha

The Wi Family said...

What a great theme for a party!! Is that a picture of Thacker Shimai?? I was just talking to her last week and mentioned you were up in SL. MMMMmm I think I want some pie now.