Friday, November 14, 2008

the 'burbs

my friends the cheneys recently abandoned hip, urban living (along with cockroaches and run-ins with the literally insane apartment tenants they were managing, but whatever) for a quiet life in the suburbs. this is good news for them because they get to own a house and have their very own dishwasher. it is bad news for me because the suburbs are past 3300 south.

but driving all that way, past five artic circles and the quilted bear and just emissions and po boyz karpets (no joke on that one) is all worth it because when you get to the suburbs, you get to see this baby.

are you in love? well, too bad, because he's mine.

in the suburbs you also eat breakfast for dinner on a cleverly disguised card table, and watch thursday night tv.

and gas in the suburbs only costs $1.95 a gallon! i guess it's not such a bad place, after all.


Lacey said...

He is such a doll! Totally worth $1.95 a gallon to visit him, maybe even a little more. :)

Your Mom said...

Geez. Now all of your hip/urban/cool friends are going to want to visit the pretty here in the 'burbs. And you know I only have enough turkey bacon for three.

Lacey said...

Hey, I just went private with my blog, so if you're interested send me an email and I’ll send you an invite! :)