Saturday, November 22, 2008

small donations bless many nations

sallee and i decided to spend some quality time at the d.i. last week. for those of you (un)fortunate enough not to live in the bosom of zion (also the bosom of the d.i.), allow me to fill you in. the d.i. is the mecca of thrift store pilgrimage, a constant source of 80s prom dresses, ugly christmas sweaters, non-intentional halloween costumes and, we discovered last week, tapered leather pants. the d.i. is also the best place to look for cheap shoes and cheap books, which is what took us on our spiritual journey in the first place.

after browsing the upper level (yes indeed, this is a two-tiered operation. sort of like heaven. sort of), we went downstairs to check out the furniture. note to the d.i.: cool orange chairs do count as furniture, even though they are uncomfortable.

backseats taken out of minivans do not.

anywho, there we were, gossiping while i tried on some skirts over my pants and who should appear but... keri and jen!

thus strengthening my already vibrant testimony that the d.i. is a place of miracles. and great savings.

and to that, brothers and sisters, i say amen.

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Sarita said...

I echo your amen. Sister.