Friday, November 21, 2008

doobie time

the fact that i can say i have "old college friends" is a little bit scary, but my old college friend chris came into town today. to protect chris' identity from all those interweb snoopers, i won't reveal his last name, but i will say that it means "of the woods" in french, and it can be easily and charmingly shortened to doobie. i am probably not the first person to come up with that nickname, but i like to think that i was.

so, anyway, doobie came into town today. he's here for business school interviews in the land southward, where i try not to go, but luckily the airport is in salt lake. so, i picked him up and we had a grand old time hanging out at ikea (i am willing to go south for cheap furniture) before he completed his migration.

doobie and i enjoyed our time testing out floral couches and fancy desk chairs while i caught him up on the intricacies of human-vampire romance. (that's right, doobie is going to see "twilight" this weekend. twice. because, as he rightly points out, it's never a good idea to turn down a girl who asks you to a movie.) we also talked about work drama, politics, dating and the economy. and, did you know ikea has these little machines (for little kids, but doobie and i scoff at social convention) where you can draw pictures and play matching games? in english and spanish? they're pretty awesome. and, speaking of scoffing at social convention, we also saw a woman breastfeeding on one of the showroom recliners, and a massive display of PDA next to the stuffed animals. note to anyone who might be interested: furniture stores are not the place for kissing. or lactation.

and then, doobie and i enjoyed a slice of chocolate cake.

and, i replaced the ikea picture frames i had that broke (as in, i broke them) a few months ago. because ikea is fun, yes, but quality? not always so much.


Cindy Bean said...

This is a much better way to go to IKEA than in a hurry on a Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Your grammar is beginning to concern me. "I had broke"? Broke is the past tense perfect of "break." So, you could have said that "I broke." Using the word "had" makes it subjunctive, so you need to use the subjunctive form "I had broken." Or, perhaps this is a peculiar Utah verb form, sort of like the pronunciation of barn, corn and horse in central Utah (the only place on the planet where you can be barn in a born).

Anonymous said...

Please disregard my pedantry in my prior post. I misread your sentence structure, and you are correct, oh grammar queen (which, I suppose, is better than being the shoe queen).