Tuesday, April 17, 2012

yep, this happened.

and i am not even embarrassed about it.

on friday night AWD and i went to see "titanic" in (sort of) 3D. and it was totally worth it. it's a fine film and a fine love story and we enjoyed all three hours and change.

(we'll never let go!)

and then, since we were on a roll, on saturday we headed over to the national geographic museum, where they currently have an exhibit about the titanic. and where this happened.

and i am not even embarrassed about that either.

the exhibit had some set pieces from the movie, which was pretty rad, and tons of interactive displays (i learned morse code!), plus a list of all the supplies titanic sailed with (6,000 pounds of butter and 30,000 eggs!) and a video of the man who discovered the wreck in 1985 talking about what that was like.

he said the first thing they spotted was a boiler and everyone started shouting "a boiler! it's a boiler!" (except for the frenchie on board who shouted "ze boileh!") and they were so jubilant at having discovered this treasure. and then they realized it was 2 a.m. titanic sank at 2:20 a.m. and suddenly the mood shifted and the tragedy sunk in. (no pun intended. but it was a pretty good one, no?)

anyway, the whole thing was fascinating and we did a bunch more reading and research afterwards. you should all come visit and see the exhibit, ok? i think it's what jack and rose would have wanted.

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