Thursday, October 6, 2011


when we woke up on saturday morning, it was fall.

just like that.

the sky was gray, the air was crisp and clean and not bogged down with the weight of sweaty humidity, and everyone outside was wearing hats and scarves and boots.

it was wonderful.

fall has long been my favorite season. i always feel such a rush of anticipation in the fall. it makes me want to warm my home, to nestle in, to make it organized and pretty and safe and comforting and lovely so i can retreat there with a happy heart all winter long.

to me, fall feels like starting over.

i was born in the fall.

i left for college and started my life as an adult in the fall.

i left on my mission in the fall.

i fell in love in the fall.

i was married in the fall.

i love the fall.

so, while AWD was away earlier this week i made a new fall wreath and put together a little fall centerpiece and baked up the rest of my pumpkin-chocolate chip-oatmeal cookie dough. i cracked open my sweater box in the basement. i wore a pair of boots.

last night we made a big batch of bri's caramel recipe (sure wish i could have called her to ask if it was supposed to boil that much, but it looks like it came out all right so i think it was fine) and poured the extra over some perfectly ripe pears.

did i already say i love the fall?

because i do.

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