Thursday, January 27, 2011

rocky mountain low

the bad news is, i sat on a plane for about five hours yesterday but didn't actually go anywhere. and then i waited for my bag to come off that plane for another hour or so. and then drove on icy, slushy roads through pelting snow. all to end up right where i started. in my living room.

so, no fancy business trip or surprise weekend visit home for me.

sad trombone.

the good news is, i had a living room to come back to, unlike the hundreds of other people stranded in d.c. thanks to yesterday's storm who were frantically searching for hotel rooms/other flights/alcohol/all of the above.

and we didn't lose power last night, which is a stroke of incredibly good luck.

and, for once in my life, i had it together enough to bring delicious snacks for the flight so i didn't starve to death on the tarmac.

and, maybe best of all, now i have four gloriously unplanned days ahead of me. i am thinking some valentine's day crafts and some movie watching and some letter writing and some kissing.

how does that sound?

1 comment:

Robin and Cody said...

your plan sounds fantastic. especially the kissing part. i miss a good make-out. now, we need to chat to catch up, ehe?