Wednesday, January 26, 2011

georgia on my mind

the bad news is that my work schedule has been completely cuckoo for cocoa puffs, which means that you, my babies, have been neglected once again.

the good news is that i have been so busy getting ready for a business trip (my first ever!), which is taking me to none other than colorado springs, which means that i am spending the weekend in denver with the parental units. an unexpected and exceedingly pleasant surprise, for me and i am sure for them, too.

the best news is that i am going to tell you all about savannah before i go. AWD and i had an amazingly wonderful time, and it was sort of depressing to come back. but, let's focus on the positive, shall we?


spanish moss dripping off trees, even trees that are not in bloom, is possibly the most romantic thing i have ever seen. i took approximately 5 trillion pictures trying to capture the magic of it, and i don't think i ever did. but i tried. and the old, grand, antebellum houses are to die for.

we toured the mercer williams house, central place of action in the plot of "midnight in the garden of good and evil" as it was in that house that john williams fatally shot his lover, the "walking streak of sex" danny hansford. some say it was murder and some say it was self-defense, but don't count on the house tour guide to clear it up for you. our guide book very emphatically recommended not bringing the incident up. so, that's that.

you can count on your mercer williams house tour guide for a smooth savannah drawl and some interesting factoids, including the origin of the phrase "cost you an arm and a leg." wanna hear it? it refers to the cost of having your portrait painted. you had to pay more to have your arms included, and more still to include your legs. so, that's that.

we also toured the birthplace of juliette gordon low, founder of the girl scouts. other members of our tour included many, many girl scouts and their mothers. and one very unhappy younger brother.

we took a drive out to tybee island and climbed up to the top of the lighthouse (the third oldest in the country!), then to the top of a fort, and then had a picnic on the beach. it wasn't really warm enough for a picnic on the beach, but we didn't let that stop us.

our last day was spent strolling through the rain along river street, visiting the old cotton exchange building and city hall and eating perhaps the most amazing meal i have ever had at the olde pink house. it started as a plantation, the headquarters for revolutionary colonists, then a bank, then headquarters for one of sherman's generals and now it serves delicious food.

the best part of all, though was meeting liz and jen, who i am pretty sure are my kindred spirits due to the fact that they love cupcakes, laugh at my jokes and eat cookies for breakfast. i even sort of liked being mauled by their enormous dogs.

and, certainly not least of all, after 20 hours in the car together AWD and i still really like each other, so i am counting the whole adventure as a success.


PNRBAC said...

I missed you last weekend but loved having your mom with us (I adore her) and I must say that I feel a little bit jump-the-gun selfish for asking her for an update on you and AWD because what I really should have done was CALL YOU for an update (although her update was very good). So that's what I'm going to do...if Paul ever gets home with the cell phone. *sharing a cell phone with your spouse = not very fun.

steve said...

I too feel much better in the car with AWD. It's standard equipment on Subarus these days. I'm glad you had the safety and security of all wheel drive on your trip - all 20 hours of it.

it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.