Friday, October 15, 2010

slow pony home

this short week has felt like the longest week ever, which seems like a mean joke. but, it is almost over (thank.goodness) and exploding heads and sleep deprivation aside, here are some things that are making me really, really happy.

1. my first order of business upon leaving work will be a manicure. i just decided. and i think it was a good decision.

2. yesterday i got a text message from heathergirl, my best source for awesome music and television and tracy jordan-inspired cross-stitch pieces, which said, "would you be weirded out if i sent you a whole stack of CDs?" my answer was no.

3. EH and i are going to see "easy a" tonight. have you seen it? if you have anything bad to say about it, keep it to yourself. because i have been wanting to see it for a while now, and i would like to believe that it is going to be charming and funny and good. if, of course, you saw it and thought it was charming and funny and good, speak up!

4. i bought a holga camera! it's teal. and i am pretty stoked about it. i haven't done anything with it yet except hold it lovingly in my hands and figure out how to load it with film (which took quite long enough, thankyouverymuch), but that is about to change. i really like the idea of a camera that is designed to take imperfect pictures, because those happen to be my specialty.

5. i met liz for dinner on tuesday and she gave me a fedora as a belated birthday present. it was actually supposed to be a joke, but when i put it on it fit and looked just as good as i think any fedora is going to look so joke's on... well... i don't know who exactly. but, fedora goal now = accomplished.

6. boot and scarf weather is finally here.

7. the yard people came for the autumn bush pruning and also weeded the fence line that i had been passively-aggressively ignoring.

8. i built time into my weekend schedule for a nap and a sewing project.

i hope you have a nice list of things that are making you happy, too.

have a delightful weekend, lovies!

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