Wednesday, October 13, 2010

fourscore and brotherly love

i spent last weekend in new york (three cheers for long weekends! and for cheap bus fare to new york! hip, hip, hurray!) but i am not ready to tell you about that yet. so instead, here are some pictures of my last long weekend adventure.

behold, gettysburg. it was lovely and eerie and peaceful at dusk and made me sad that we are still fighting wars. it also made me want to read every book written about the civil war. any suggestions?

behold, philadelphia. i had never been to the city of brotherly love, so rebecca the wise and i just stuck to the historical downtown, but it was a delightful way to pass a holiday monday. we toured independence hall, saw the liberty bell and walked down the oldest continuously inhabited street in the country. or was it the narrowest continuously inhabited street in the country? or both? i can't quite remember. it was charming, anyway.

just before we headed out of town we stopped to hear a public reading of the declaration of independence and i might have gotten shivers and a few little tears in my eyes. it made me want to read every book there is about the founding fathers. any suggestions?

behold, a philly cheesesteak.

hard to believe that cheeze whiz was the most delicious option, but it's true.

other cravings i've had since visiting philly: a strong desire to watch both "rocky" and "national treasure." anyone in for either of those?


Unknown said...

Read "The Killer Angels," which is a) awesome, and b) about Gettysburg.

PNRBAC said...

"Killer Angels" is fantastic.
And so is Gettysburg.
"Seven Miracles that Saved America" is also fantastic.
And so are the founding fathers. So there.

Kate said...

A third vote for "The Killer Angels." Also, predating the Civil War just a bit, "Twelve Years a Slave." It's the autobiography of a freeborn African-American who was kidnapped and sold into slavery as an adult.

Ninny Beth said...

wait...where did you get that cheesesteak??? Dear F, I love the philly and the steak and the cheese!