Monday, October 4, 2010

meet the parents

the two most important pieces of information i have to report are as follows.

1. the creepy white van that has been parked across the street for weeks, which in addition to creeping me out has also been making it overly hard to get out of the driveway, is finally gone. i (not so) secretly hope it was towed, or maybe driven away by robots, but whatever happened to it, i am incredibly glad it's gone.

2. the inaugural visit of the parents was a grand success. by inaugural visit i mean the first time they have come to visit me since i've lived here and by success i mean that i made a list of expensive restaurants and they took me to eat at them.

food highlights were cashion's eat place, filomena, belga cafe, ray's hell burger, the tabard inn and baked and wired. plus a little saturday dinner here at the homestead.

event highlights included eastern market, the norman rockwell exhibit at the museum of american art, an exhibit about geckos at the national geographic museum and walking around georgetown looking in stores and peeking through the fence slats of the house where i learned to walk until mom and i realized there was a little girl playing in the yard and we ran away. and i got my safety inspection renewed. mom was especially glad we got to do that together.

(a sidenote about geckos. did you know there is a species of gecko that loses its tail if it gets too stressed out? i would really be in trouble if i lost an appendage every time i was stressed out. i mean, big trouble.)

mom and i also spent an afternoon walking around dumbarton oaks, where i had never been before and where i hope to go many times more. it is a gorgeous mansion complex right out of an f. scott fitzgerald novel with the most charming gardens. and, to ice the cake, the family that built it was the bliss family. bliss, indeed.

the biggest highlights though were, of course, my dear old mom and dad. i sure do like them, and i especially like it when they can have a peek into my life as i am living it. it was just the best thing in the whole wide world to see them, and it all flew by too quickly. so i guess they'll just have to come back soon.

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