Monday, September 27, 2010

rain and monday go away

today was a monday in every terrible sense of the word.

for one thing, it rained all day.

for another thing, EH was supposed to be at work this morning at 7:30, which she remembered when we were leaving the house at 9a.m.

for another thing, i drove all the way to work, only to discover that i didn't have my keys to the office. so i drove all the way home, only to discover that they were in my bag all along.

and then it was e-mails and fires and crises all day long, all of which i think are making me talk out loud to myself in my cubicle a lot more than i ever have before/should.

i hope your monday was a little better, but just in case it wasn't i have something to perk us all up. namely, a video of my hip hop routine. i know you have been dying to see it. i think my debut performance at the birthday party talent show was a little better, but the only video i have is of my workplace dress rehearsal, so it will have to do.

turns out that in three hours of class i learned enough sweet moves to fill up 58 seconds of music (have i mentioned that before?). not a super awesome ratio, but in just nine more short hours of intense instruction, i should have a whole song's worth of booty-shaking.

stay tuned.


PNRBAC said...

Auditioning for America's Got Talent would be a sweet goal for your 29th year...just sayin'..

Miko said...


Mom said...

Strangely reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite!

steve said...

what... no fedora?