Friday, September 17, 2010

the office

the tables were turned on me today and paul, whose cubicle i usually invade, came and invaded my cubicle instead. him and a five pound bag of caramel popcorn and his massive straw.

if you're wondering whether there were three empty cubicles in the room, the answer is yes. but whatevs. i am always glad to have paul around because he shows me all the funny videos on you tube and he eats so many snacks (see: aforementioned five pound bag of caramel popcorn) that i don't feel bad about all the snacks i eat.

things did get a little crowded, though, when edward cullen stopped by.

smack had borrowed him earlier this week and returned him this afternoon. we had a grand old time hiding him behind people's chairs so when they turned around they were overcome with fear. or lust. depending on who they were, naturally.

and that, my friends, is a good friday at the office.

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