Tuesday, September 7, 2010

citywide rodeo

the first thing i would like you to know is that i am composing this post on my brand-new macbook pro. that is right. my apple conversion is complete and i have a feeling my entire life is going to be revolutionized. get ready.

the second thing i would like you to know is that the downtown crew has voted to change their name. they will now be known as the red line crew. it was determined that this was a more accurate nomenclature, even though sarah points out that it is also code for yuppie a-hole. which is so ridiculous because those kids are not yuppies.

see what i did there? joke! because they are not a-holes either.

the third thing i would like you to know is that the maryland state fair is a place where all your dreams will come true. it surpassed my absolute wildest expectations and i could not have asked for more, from a fair or from anything or anyone else, really.

even though i swore, after my other recent fair experience, that i would not gorge myself on artery-clogging food, i just couldn't walk away from a corn dog, or roasted corn or french fries or sips of everyone else's highly sweetened lemonade or pinches of cotton candy, and i certainly couldn't pass up the holy grail of fair food, the deep-fried snickers bar, which was one of the most delicious things i have ever tasted. truly. i recommend sharing a deep-fried snickers bar, though. it is really too much for one person to handle.

sarah also got a turkey leg, which we are pretty sure was actually ham. we are also pretty sure it was approximately the size of heather's head.

then there was pig racing, skee ball, the ferris wheel and the swings, which were just as fun as i remember them being when i was a kid.

and then, to top it all off, we watched a calf be born! yep. we totally saw a cow birth. it was incredible and so exciting and not at all gross. i sort of loved it.

i did not love that the woman sitting in front of us, also witnessing the cow birth, was eating a hamburger. seriously. you can't make that stuff up.

the only thing we missed was the justin bieber concert, which went down the next day. but, like i need another underage crush, so probably just as well.

i must admit that, after such a magical day, i was worried regular life would seem dull and uninspired.

but then i figured, it's nothing a little something deep-fried can't cure.


Unknown said...

With a Weepies reference, no less. Now my state-fair experience is complete.

DanyaLynn said...

Ah, just browsing to see how early in the relationship AWD made the blog - and it's in photo form before print form - but I realized I was at this same fair! Perhaps we were there the same day? But perhaps not. I was there joined by my friend Lu in the evening portion (nickname for your anonymity idea which is terrific) when the rodeo began and we sat with a bunch of outlying DC singles where one of our ragtag group recruited himself for the laymen and women competing in rounding up of and failure to rope a couple cattle. I think the big lesson there was bring gloves if you're going to be roping anything that moves to avoid terrible ropeburn. I didn't see a calf being born, but I did milk my first cow and also watched the piglet races, along with lots of other cool stuff like the tree trunk carver and bee demo....