Monday, March 15, 2010

the wonderful land of oz

hi, guys!

(remember me?)

or should i say g'day?

(you can expect the following additions to my vocabulary: "ta" for thanks, "cheers" for just about everything. also "how you're going" instead of how are you doing or how's it going. and "hey?" instead of what? i have not, however, been converted to "mate.")

i am back.

i have a tan.

(a suburn.)

i am exhausted.

(it took three diet cokes and a dr. pepper to get me through today. i will be in bed before 9:30 p.m. awesome.)

i had a practically perfect trip.

(wanna move to australia with me and open a bed and breakfast on the beach?)

i took more than 150 pictures.

and i just sorted through them all so that you will only see the very best.

(because i am the best. you know?)

that will have to wait, though, because right now i am exhausted. did i mention?

(silver lining: daylight savings made no difference to me whatsoever since i am already approximately 97 hours off schedule.)

never fear, though. adventure recounting will begin in earnest tomorrow. things you have to look forward to: koalas, every conceivable view of the sydney opera house, scuba diving and surfing, the rain forest. and more!

(did you miss me?)


Evan and Holly said...

We missed you dearly and I thought of you frequently. Today at our visit with Bri and Kathy, I told them about what the ipad makes you think of---since we were talking about it anyway. Did I mention that we miss you?

CL said...

I missed you even thought I don't even know that last time I saw you. Some visit to CO. I am eagerly awaiting your report since Australia is my DREAM vacation. I will go open and bed and breakfast with you- just tell me when!!

Popster said...

In your new lexicon of Australian phrases, you forgot "Good on ya," and perhaps the best phrase in history, "No worries."

Kate said...

Welcome home, Frances! No trouble with daylight savings here, either, because a vomiting toddler doesn't know when to go to bed anyways!