Tuesday, March 2, 2010

down under

i am leaving for australia in five hours.

did that sort of sneak up on you?

yeah, me too.

the good news is, i had all day yesterday to get ready. and boy, did i need it. i crossed pretty much everything off my list, including but not limited to: buying a new camera (no more flames emitting from the flash!), a pedicure, booking my introductory scuba lessons, picking up a few books, downloading movies (does it take forever for everyone else to download movies?) and generally panicking. oh, and i had a big diet coke.

this morning i just have the little stuff left and then i'm off! i woke up in the middle of the night last night and realized i had forgotten to pack pajamas, so i am keeping my fingers crossed that's all that has slipped my mind.

besides my mind itself. i sort of feel like i lost that.

i'll be off the grid for the next couple weeks, but you can expect a full report when i return. if i return. did you know that 12 of the world's 14 most deadly animals live in australia?

did that sort of sneak up on you?

yeah, me too.

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The Wi Family said...

Yeah for you!!! Work or pleasure?? Have a great time!! Bryce would be so jealous--as I am!