Monday, March 22, 2010


allow me to briefly interrupt the recounting of australia adventures to provide you with a recipe for a near-perfect saturday. it goes something like this.

step 1. prepare your pan with a morning trip to the temple. it is one of my fondest hopes to be a white-haired lady working at the temple on a saturday morning. things were a little hectic when LK and i arrived, and due to some mix-ups about who was supposed to be where when and for how long, i didn't actually accomplish that much temple work, but it was a joy and a pleasure to be there just the same.

step 2. add an impromptu anti-war protest. the original plan was to grab some lunch downtown and hit the environmental film festival, but jaron stumbled on a rally (did you know saturday was the seventh anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion of iraq? neither did we) and we decided marching outside sounded like more fun. jaron even scored a sign, put on his mean anti-war face and off we went. activities included leaving cardboard "coffins" outside the halliburton and washington post offices, as well as plastering the mortgage brokers association building with foreclosure notices. i might also add that it is one of my fondest hopes to be a white-haired lady taking my granddaughters to anti-war protests. sadly, we narrowly missed seeing protest poster child cindy sheehan get arrested, though we were lucky enough to hear her rather un-inspiring pre-march speech.

i will readily confess to a large degree of moral conflict about protesting when i actually like the president in office (i suffered no conflict of any kind protesting against the shrub) and i still believe in my heart that obama is going to do the right thing and get us out of there. but civic action is pretty much always a good thing, i guess, as is spending a gorgeous saturday outside. plus, taking your message right to the steps of the white house? pretty rad.

those of you still not convinved about the merits of protests and the like might be swayed by this message.

a patriotic duty to make out? sold!

step 3. garnish with a trip to baltimore for empanadas and ingrid michaelson with the girls.

(give me more) baltimore is a little more, shall we say, ghetto? than i was expecting, but max's empanadas is delicious, and ingrid never disappoints. seriously, i would give just about any body part to be her best friend. milkshakes and fries on the way home made the evening more perfect than it already was. which was totally perfect.

step 4. bake, cool, enjoy.


susan said...

one of my favorite anti-war signs (from way back in 2002):

"I can't believe I'm still f-ing protesting this sh**."

excuse my french.

Popster said...

My hope is that, when you are a grandmother, there will be no wars to protest.

And, you may not remember, but your grandmother (you can guess which one) actually took you to a union protest when you were a child, so you will carry on the family tradition.