Monday, January 4, 2010

et, voila!

happy new year, internet family, and happy new blog (for frances)!

what do you think of the new design? if you think it's awesome, you should tell my cousin, trevor, as it is all his handiwork. if you do not think it is awesome, i invite you to leave. right now.

personally, i am thrilled about this new blog (for frances) for the new year. what's that, you say? you'd like a little tour? i thought you'd never ask.

right now, we are in my new and improved content space. you might not notice anything different right now, but this space is a lot wider, which means it can better accomodate the big and awesome picture collages i am going to learn how to put together before the end of this new decade.

now, if you'd care to direct your gaze up(stairs), you will see my smashing new banner. in the middle we have me (natch), a photo snapped by the ever-so-talented-and-lovely dallas graham. if you have any major life event coming up that requires photographing (like maybe a wedding or a wednesday afternoon) you should call him. right now.

on the right, we have a branch of japanese cherry blossoms, japan being one of the places closest to my heart, and cherry blossoms being one of the things in japan that i love the most. and, on the left, we have the venerable abraham lincoln, one of the more well-known former residents of my current home and, if i might add, not a bad-looking statue.

and that concludes our tour. there are still a few minor tweaks left (i'm looking at you, sidebar), and the identity of the blog as far as content and structure is still evolving a little in my brain, but i would say the blog (for frances) is off to a good start in 2010.

speaking of which, the year itself is off to a pretty good start, wouldn't you say? except for one thing. is it just me, or were we supposed to have flying cars by now?


Evan and Holly said...

I like it. Did you get our Christmas card?

Joelle said...

I love the new look! The blog (for frances) is full of life just like you

CL said...

Great looking blog Frances. I saw a flying car yesterday, where have you been?

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Me gusta la. We were also supposed to have mobile phones too, were'nt we? Wait, do we have those?