Tuesday, February 3, 2009

which came first?

the subaru or the bumper stickers?

as i am not much in the action photography department, allow me to describe all the bumper stickers adorning the back of this wagon.

1. barack obama, emblazoned with the word "hope," natch.
2. "save wild utah"
3. "peace is patriotic"
4. a sticker from alta ski resort
5. "buy local first"
6. "freedom is choice"
7. an indigo girls bumper sticker
8. also one that said, "i'm straight, not narrow"


i'd say that about sums it up.


Anonymous said...

There was no "nuke the gay whales for Jesus?"

Evan said...

As a native of Portland, Oregon, I can say that the bumper sticker came first. The Subaru came second as a nicer medium for expressing liberal political opinions that was more in-line with the upper middle class aesthetic than the Volkswagen van.