Friday, February 20, 2009


since we are all friends here, i am just going to come clean and tell you that i am exhausted and can't really think of anything new to tell you.

other than that if you go to mazza at ninth and ninth, the eggplant sandwich will not taste as good as it sounds, and you should probably just stick with the chicken and potatoes muttabak, like you always do.

and also, that i have started contributing to a new blog. the idea belongs to the always fun and funny reno, and i think it's a pretty good one. it's still a babyblog, but you should probably check it out.

it might also be worth mentioning that i started a pretty intense craft project at emily's last night. it's not quite finished but when it is, you'll be the first to know. i just have to do some grouting. that's right, grouting. like i said, intense.

in other news, i am reading a really and truly fantastic book called "gilead" by marilynne robinson, which i highly recommend to each and every one of you. it was recommended to me by adam, and i feel like i should send him a basket of mini-muffins or something to say thanks. (you are also welcome to send me muffins, mini or otherwise, once you, too, are transfixed by this book.) i like it so much that i am going to drive all the way down to provo to discuss it in book club. plus, since i am the one who suggested we read it for book club, it would be pretty lame of me not to show up.

and, you should probably know that i giggle every time i read the title of this post because it makes me think of underwears. and i think underwears are pretty much always funny.

but, then again, who doesn't?

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Marcelina Moreno said...

Last night I watched young @ heart and I bawled my little eyes out. Did you cry too when you watched it?

Also I watched a documentary called The Business of Being Born, it was really interesting. I'm sure your roommate has heard of it and maybe you've already seen it. You should see it, if you haven't.