Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i have a theory that my family didn't start doing cool things until after i left home. this isn't actually true, but it is true that they continue to do cool things without me, which always makes me sort of mad. not that they can help it, of course, but it doesn't seem fair that they get to meet al gore, or take an alien tour in roswell, or go to a rolling stones concert without me. because, you know, i wanna go, too.

i feel like things have evened out a little bit though, thanks to my recent viewing of "shine a light," a really fantastic documentary about the stones (or, as they say in spain, los rolling). watching the movie is basically like being in the front row of a stones concert, so nana-nana-boo-boo there, plus the movie also features martin scorsese engaging totally awesome conversations like this:

assistant: mick can only be under the lights for like 18 seconds before he burns.
marty: burns? what do you mean, burns? like flames?
assistant: yes, burning flames.
marty: well, that won't work. we can't burn mick jagger.

true fact.

there's also tons of really great (and hilarious) archival footage of old stones shows and interviews. plus, it's educational. i mean, mick jagger and his skeletal frame are basically a walking PSA about the dangers of eating disorders/lifetime heroin use.

and, as if it could get any better, my bag of rock n' roll swag from the salt lake film center included this.

yes, it is exactly what you think it is.

take home message? even rockers put safety first.

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Joelle said...

Well, like a girl scout, you will be prepared if you ever need a quick latex bag :)