Tuesday, October 21, 2008

quirk this

it has come to my attention (a little late, but hopefully not too late) that i have been tagged by anna to share six of my quirks. because anna sometimes makes me homemade pesto with shrimp, and because she is willing to watch obscure and basically ridiculous spanish films with me as well, i am willing to accept this task. and so, here you are.

1. i prefer to eat skittles two at a time, same color (two greens, two yellows, two reds and so forth). there are times, say in a dark movie theater or when too many people are watching, when this is not a feasible option. but, most of the time, i can pull it off. pairings do become admittedly trickier when you get to the end of the bag, but i have provisions for that as well. for example, if you can put a green and a yellow together, that's the best. red can also go with purple, and orange + yellow is acceptable. when all of those emergency combinations have been used up, i break down and eat them one at a time. as a related bonus quirk, i don't like to mix my food. none of this peas and mashed potatoes in the same bite nonsense. i eat all of one thing, then all of the next and so on, until my plate is empty.

2. i am an obsessive quoter of movies, probably because i watch my favorite movies and movie scenes over and over again in a row. my family has dubbed this "pulling a frances." (as in, "i pulled a frances and watched "the bourne identity" twice this week.") my record is probably watching "bend it like beckham" at least once a day for a week when i was first home from my mission. i'll also rewind and watch funny parts (or, i'll admit it, romantic kissy parts) two or three or four times before i am satisfied. and i will laugh (or swoon) every time.

3. i like to fall asleep in other people's beds, with or without them. the other sunday morning it was snowing and gray and i went and climbed in with my roommate, briana, because she has a big double bed and a heating pad. we chatted for a while and then i fell asleep there for another three hours until it was time to get up and be late for church. it was the best sunday morning ever.

4. i am an expert in celebrity gossip. i can hardly get anything done at work until i've visited people.com and caught myself up. if you want to know why madonna and guy ritchie are splitting up, or what reese witherspoon is really like (jake, call me!) or who that guy lauren conrad has been spotted with is, i'm your girl.

5. i sometimes make things up, but i state these sketchy facts with such confidence and authority that i am often not refuted. the great carmel/caramel debate is a perfect example, or at least it was until my mom and the oxford english dictionary got involved.

6. i "sing" along with the instrumentals, as well as the words. i like to think of it as a sort of vocal air guitar. i was under the impression that this was a fairly normal thing to do while driving or doing the dishes or taking a shower, but apparently it is not. now that i know it's weird, i am a little bit shy to do it in front of other people, but most of the time i just can't help myself, so you might get lucky and hear it some day.

and now i command that kate, jill and emdawg perform the same task. and, i would also like to hear from you, dear reader what quirks you think i have missed. (everyone be sure to check the comments section to see what my parents say. i bet they'll have some good ones.)


lacy said...

Because of Google Reader, I rarely comment on your blog. But, because you are hilarious, I always read it. That quark about eating foods all separately reminds me a lot of Gram Ben. We used to take her to lunch each week after her hair appointment and she would always order half a Belgian waffle and a child's milk (stop me if you've heard this already one million times, only you can't because I can type for as long as I want, but feel free to stop reading here). Then, she would butter each and every deep square of waffle and put syrup in them all as well. This just sounds like something I might find on this blog in the very distant future.

Anonymous said...

Just hope you never have to be the one to wake Frances up in the morning or from a nap before she's ready.
Aside from that, Frances is brave, adventurous, loving, loyal, emotionally and intellectually intelligent, and strong. Are those quirks?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you did not mention your obsession with shoes. How many pairs of shoes do you have now? 100? Frances is known affectionately as the "Shoe Queen."

Em said...

Tagged, eh? This is a first for me...

Give me a couple days, I need to cut my quirky list down.

Anna said...

I did not know this about you and celebrity gossip. We have so much more to talk about now!

Good work Frances.

The Wi Family said...

I loved reading this. Made me think of our time as comps. I'm racking my brain trying to come up with something to add to the list, I'll let you know when I have something :)

madelyn said...

I share many of these "quirks" and was not aware until just a couple of moments ago that they were not normal. Maybe it's genetic?

Loved this post!

Kate said...

I am CERTAIN that you have a million quirks, especially from high school, but I can't for the life of me think of one right now! I guess that makes you lucky. And P.S., I've complied fully and listed my own quirks for your amusement.