Monday, October 6, 2008

manic monday

another daybook...

for today...

outside my (office) window (or, rather, what i guess it outside the window since the blinds are closed): sunny, blue sky over a quiet downtown, fall colors, fewer people than i would like on the street.

i am thinking about: government bailouts, tina fey on saturday night live, whether or not i can write my next assignment without quotes from the person who refuses to call me back.

i am thankful for: potential, options and potential options.

from the kitchen: just made a frozen pizza in the office microwave. jealous?

i am wearing: a green shirt with a butterfly embroidered on the front, pants that really are jeans but are dark and cut like slacks enough that i can get away with wearing them to the office on days other than fridays, shoes with a split toe like the ninjas wear, my favorite bangles from india.

i am reading:, a study about the economic impact of the oil and natural gas industry in utah. jealous?

i am hoping: for the fulfillment of potential options. and a good night's sleep tonight.

i am creating: a list of ideas for christmas gifts to give my family.

i am hearing: typing on keyboards, tegan and sara in my headphones.

around the house: the bed i left unmade this morning, recently fabric-covered picture frames to be hung, curtain rod that fell out of the wall last night (and onto my head) waiting to be repaired.

one of my favorite things: payday.

a few plans for the rest of the week: movie tonight, birthday parties, debate watching party, trip to the hardware store and idaho.

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