Friday, October 24, 2008

high rollers

one of the first times i hung out with my now-roommate briana was at a sushi rolling party she hosted a year or so ago. there were so many hip, cool people there that i was pretty intimidated, and my only real memory of the evening is standing in the corner eating eel.

luckily (mostly for me), times change and now hip, cool briana sleeps just upstairs, and our house is the hip, cool place for hip, cool people to roll sushi, like we did last week, ostensibly for john's birthday but he wouldn't let us sing or even talk about how it was his birthday really, so it was mostly just for fun. and fun it was, but that seems pretty normal for raw fish, i would say.

{birthday boy and fish-master}

{when jaren discovered his seaweed was too full to roll correctly, oertel said, "you probably like really fat burritos, too, huh?" not sure if it really translates onto the screen, but it was hi-larious.}




{oertel, by the way, drove all the way from provo, which was a really nice thing for her to do since i never, ever, under any circumstances, return the favor. also, lauren is holding her first hand-rolled sushi ever! lovely, isn't it?}


{elliott's face makes me happy}

{so does my favorite japanese treat, mochi ice cream. the asian market just around the corner sells it, and i am pretty much permanently exhausted from the exertion of willpower it takes not to eat it every single day.}

{holly and evan stopped by}

{along with baby kyle, who i love with a love that is true. said holly: "sometimes when we come over here and frances holds the baby, i feel like we should put that hospital bracelet back on that keeps people from stealing him."}

{full tummies for days. the end.}


Oertel said...

Thanks for inviting me. You are such a good friend. (I tried to think of a non-cliche, super clever way to say that. But really, it's the plain and simple truth.)

Joel said...

The Asian Market has MOCHI.... how did I not know this....

I am there this afternoon...