Wednesday, March 27, 2013

lock and key

we've been homeowners for about 30 hours now. (don't worry, this won't be a running hour-by-hour tally.) i mention this because we have already made a trip to home depot, and AWD has already started and completed our first home improvement project. new door handles!

i did my part by first lying on the floor of what will be our living room, day dreaming and distracting him by reading articles from the onion out loud, and then looking online for a new couch. isn't he lucky to have me?

we also moved over some clothes and i hung a few of our paintings on some of the nails left in the wall by the previous owners. they're the previous owners because we are the current owners! isn't that wild?! as my friend jenn said, "scary! and amazing!" (she is getting married this weekend and i wanted to tell her the same response applies. but i didn't. because i am nice.)

p.s. doesn't AWD look good with a screw driver?


CL said...

Woohoo Frances and AWD :) Congrats on your awesome looking new house. Of course, I eagerly await inside pictures but I'll be patient because I'd hate to add stress to your lives!! Congrats!

Amy Poulson said...

Remember when you used to write on your blog? And you teased us with pictures of your new home and tales of home ownership? Can you tell those stories now? Pleassse!

Love you Frances!