Monday, March 4, 2013

going (going) back (back) to cali (cali)

i am in san diego (really oceanside) for business. for a week.

sometimes i like to complain about long work trips that require lots of flying and, well, working.

but also, yesterday i ate ice cream on the beach and when i come back to my room at night my bed is made and there are clean towels.

so actually, there is not a lot to complain about. especially since it's supposed to snow in d.c. on wednesday and i haven't worn a jacket or socks since i got here.

before you know it, i'll be complaining this business trip ended too soon.

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SRA said...

Going to Cali in June. I've never been. I am very excited about Disneyland and ice cream on the beach and everything else. For all its flaws and expensiveness and high taxes, California is a wonderland for cold-climate dwellers.