Wednesday, February 6, 2013

welcome back

let's just say january was nothing to write home about.

it was cold. we were sick. we watched the inauguration on tv. we watched downton abbey online. we gave up sugar (again). and we spent every saturday house hunting with our realtor, until what can only be described as a psychotic break(down) (mine) led us to conclude that a break from that particular project might be in order. i tell you what, nothing will make you feel more broke and hopeless than searching for a house in northern virginia. but now we sleep in on saturdays, so i am much happier camper.

and february has been off to a pretty good start. i won $500 in a drawing at work. we are still watching downton abbey. the end of our sugar-free adventure is in sight. and so is valentine's day, which AWD always does up in romantic style. plus, the days are already getting longer and sometimes it's light when i leave the office. what joy!

so, i think it's safe to say i'm back. and glad about it.


Evan and Holly said...

Missed you. January was so sick filled :) Glad you are better and sleeping in on Saturdays.

SRA said...

I honestly was just thinking on my bus ride to work this morning..."I wonder when Frances is going to blog again". Glad to have you back. January wasn't awesome here either...crazy snowstorms, an ice storm (9x in 70+ years has that happened here in SL), a day of major fog, my roommate's grandma died, we moved to a new place (good thing, but stressful)...glad that month is in the rearview mirror now.