Thursday, September 29, 2011

since just because you're married doesn't mean you have to stop doing fun things

last night AWD and i drove up to camden yard in baltimore to see the red sox play the orioles in the last game of the regular season.

i wore my red sox shirt and was a little worried about getting punched in the face, but AWD said he would call the police if that happened and there were actually more red sox fans than orioles fans in the stands, so i was pretty safe.

in fact, when the orioles made a good play and the crowd started cheering, the guy sitting in front of us looked around and said, "i didn't know there were orioles fans here. that's nice to see."

it was pretty much non-stop excitement with double plays and people being thrown out at home plate and david ortiz making an impressive, but ultimately failed attempt to steal second.

(at that moment, the guy sitting in front of us said, "what is papi trying to do, stealing a base? he lost his belly in the slide!")

it was such an exciting, tense game that what i really want to do is recount it in all its painful glory here, but the pain has been recounted endlessly today, so i'll just say that it was not meant to be for our beloved sox.

and i'll also throw in that watching them choke, again, is basically the worst.

i trace it all back to the hour-long rain delay. things just didn't go right once play resumed, started with the red sox pitcher hitting two out of the first three batters once play resumed. the sox still managed to hold on to their one-run lead all the way to the ninth inning, but with only one strike left to go the orioles got two big hits off the closer and it was all over for boston.

as the orioles were rushing the field, i got this text from my dad: "i think i will throw up."

it was a sad car ride home, made even worse by the fact that the tampa bay rays, our rivals for the wild card spot in the playoffs, rallied from a seven run deficit to beat the yankees in extra innings.


as we were walking through the door in the wee hours of this morning, AWD hung his head and said, "well, i guess this was probably a pretty good introduction to being a red sox fan."

sad but true, husband mine. sad but true.


Aaron said...

I love the Sox, but they didn't just choke in that game. Pretty much they choked their way through September :(

Popster said...

I have followed the Red Sox since 1967. Since that time, though there have been some glorious years (2004 and 2007 come to mind), we long suffering Red Sox fans must remember 1967 (lost in the World Series to the Cardinals), 1975 (lost in the World Series to the Reds (remember the Carlton Fisk home run?)), 1978 (can you say Bucky Dent?), 1986 (lost in the World Series to the New York Mets -- the Mets! (can you say Billy Buckner and the ground ball through his legs with two out in the ninth?)), and now 2011 (the most epic meltdown in baseball history). I think I have the right to throw up.