Thursday, March 10, 2011

we'll always have the alamo

pardon my absence as of late, my babies. i was in san antonio for work, which is remarkable for many reasons, namely that it was my first business trip (at least my first one where we actually left the airport), my first time in texas and, perhaps most importantly, the first boy i ever kissed was from san antonio.


we spent most of our time touring medical facilities and meeting wounded warriors and attending career fairs and getting briefings and trying to figure out what all the insignia on military uniforms means. followed by eating our body weights in mexican food and barbecue.


and, since the new principal director for the office used to work in homeland security, learning more (mostly terrifying) things about aviation security than i ever wanted to know.

(co-worker) patrick and i did manage to sneak away on the first night for a stroll around the riverwalk (he covers his eyes like he's embarrassed if i say it was a romantic stroll. so, of course, i call it that as much as i can) and a visit to the alamo.

we decided to skip ripley's believe it or not and the wax museum. (who the heck is louis tussaud?)

and then, almost as soon as it began, it was over.

i always thought that traveling for work was glamorous and exciting and i was jealous of people who got to do it. and there were some really fun and grown-up and glamorous things about it, to be sure. but mostly i am glad to he home.


Abby said...

Did you visit the basement? :o)

madelyn said...

Frances! You were only an hour away from me! Call next time :)

Unknown said...

I didn't know that was your first work trip! We'll always have the Alamo!